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February 11th,2024

山口 岩国ロックカントリー


Iwakuni Rock country



Open16:30 Start17:00

入場料¥2000 (+要1ドリンク)

2000yen in advance(+1drink order)


3500yen at door(+1drink order)

[★予約はこちらを押してください★]​[★For ticket reservation here★]

↑If you cannot make a reservation here, please make a reservation there.↓



[★予約はこちらを押してください★][★For mail ticket reservation here★]

※​no action is required on your part email subject.Please write your name and the number of people making the reservation on the Main text.

※On the day of your reservation, please tell us your reservation name at the reception desk.



出演時間20:55~Performance time

[ライブハウスホームページはこちらをクリック][Live house website is here]

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